Sunbeam…Source of Light..Source of Joy…

I recently joined an NGO – SUNBEAM based out of Mumbai.
I was looking for a chance to make a difference and i ended up volunteering at Sunbeam…
Im glad i did..its like a ray of hope in my life…adding warmth and meaning to the otherwise oblivious minutes i live….
I wait for Saturday afternoons when i get to meet my children almost as eagerly as they do…i havent interacted with them too much yet…its just been three weeks since i joined but Sunil and Pooja and Pushpa and Yashoda make me feel so special..they have become a part of who i am…waiting eagerly for me to arrive , with their pigtails and notebooks….their tales from the week gone by….their broken english and my broken hindi….it makes for very interesting sessions….
When im with them i forget who i am , what my worries are…what work is like…whats wrong on the personal front…we discuss their school, check their homework..ask them about what they like…those two hours a week are the purest,most rewarding 2 hours in my week….
Pooja is my favourite…why you may ask…shes ever ready to learn…shes always ahead of the class…youngest amongst the 10 kids…she reminds me of myself…what i was…what i try to be…the best at everything…and you know what i hope i learn from her…she fails too..her attempts are more often than not unsuccessful…in her broken english she tries her level best to stay ahead….and when she cant she doesnt give up..instead she comes better prepared the next class….theres so much to learn from these children…
Each one of my kids are so inspiring…their parents are construction workers, taxi drivers….yet they are so proud of what their parents do,….so happy to talk about their numerous siblings…so eager to tell me “Didi main daactar banna chata hoon…”
The never die spirit is like panacea….it motivates me to do better..cures me of my biggest weakness the mother of all ailments…”Lack of Motivation”..give my best shot for the week ahead…helps me unwind and gear up….but more than anything their innocence is what pulls me closer to them each time we meet….the curiosity and willingness mixed together motivate me to wake up on Saturdays , travel to the other end of the city and spend quality time with these children…
Truly Sunbeam is my source of joy..warmth and happiness…..

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