House Arrest…Things you can do ….

Its been 3 weeks…yes 3 weekends of being stuck at home doing not much.

It started off with a stomach infection the first weekend , then the Pink Eye in the second and now just when i thought i could chill this weekend i fell and hurt myself…sprained my ankle and have been doing nothing but watching movie after movie…
Over the past 3 weekends i’ve made a list of things one can do when ( god forbid) they face a similar situation :
  1. Read a book – in case you dont have one to read , bribe or bully your sibling to get you one…
  2. Watch movies – rent movies, watch them on TV , get a friend to visit and watch a movie together . I’ve seen about 20 movies this month itself : S
  3. Chat.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Blog – if you donn’t have one , set one up , read other friend’s blogs, update your dormant blog.
  6. Listen to Music
  7. SLEEP
  8. Play with your pet ( i.e. if she/he/it is more active than my tortoise)
  9. Google for random websites – ive come across some very informative and interesting ones recently.
  10. Shop online , or create a wish list.
  11. Talk on the phone.
  12. Sort your finances – check your budget and see how you may improve your situation.
  13. Spend time with family. These past few days have also taught me the value of family and time spent with them.
  14. Catch up on pending correspondence.
  15. Work on your resume ( this i have’nt done yet but this is something one can do)
  16. Clean your inbox .
  17. Google for easy to make recipes , so when your better you can attempt them
  18. Read Tarot cards for Family & Friends….
  19. Play online games –
Well thats pretty much what i think one can do while being stuck at home 😦 …….



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