Mr. Right …..?

We all have a certain image of who our perfect Man is …Yes the Tall dark and Handsome guy from Mills and Boons lol

I never really quite understood what was so great about those books , why women go ga-ga over them…

Anyways so I was having this discussion with a friend on who according to me will be my perfect guy….

I have a list of top 10 qualities that I need and if I meet somebody who has atleast 6 of the 10 i think i’ll consider him almost perfect !

Here goes my list….

1. He must be well educated and witty and smart…

2. We must share chemistry – wavelengths should match as well

3. He must be a driven ambitious individual , somebody with a vision…

4. He must be trustworthy and have a strong value system (honest)- a good human being !

5. He must have a good personality…not to be mixed with looks…

6. He must appreciate me for who I am and should be supportive of my beliefs and things I am passionate about

7. He should be sporty – it builds character

8. He should love and respect his family and mine ….. and respect me !

9. He should be well travelled and ever ready to learn and try new things…

10. He must be stable and settled and atleast have an idea of where he is headed and he must want to include me in his life and agree to meet me halfway and be warm…

though I don’t know if this is a reasonable list…time will tell 🙂


Share your views !

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