Foodie Friday

Indigo Deli – Palladium

I’m a BIGGG Foodie and Indigo is one of my favorite places…Colaba is a bit far for me so I cant go there as much as I’d wanna..However somebody up there must love me and so he got Rahul Akerkar to open a branch @ Palladium in Lower Parel.
It gets better ! Theres more staff and a bigger selection of grub than the orignal one. The menu is HUGE ! 30+ pages if I remember correctly and theres a big variety of Cheese , meat and yummylicious Deserts . They even have fat free ham ! Haah if there could only truly be anything such as FAT FREE HAM . Sigh !
Even though there’s an almost confusing variety of food and trust me confusing it is … I strongly recommend their home style American comfort food especially their chili cheese toast and their crispy wafer thin Pizzas .I personally recommend the Margherita pizza, simple yet delicious, and the Mushroom risotto is the best !
This is the third branch of Indigo in this city and this elegant and cozy wood-paneled eatery has a long dessert counter. For somebody like me who has a sweet tooth ,this is heaven….Stocked with a wide variety of pies, flans, pastries and cheesecakes this place is a definite attraction. The Molten Chocolate cake with ice cream and the red currant cheesecake are truly superb .
Housed amidst Punjab Grill , TGIF and MAN U Cafe this one is a foodies Paradise , offering a wide variety and great ambiance.
A meal for two costs approximately Rs2,000 excluding alcohol.

Tip :Be sure to make reservations at least a day before else you may end up disappointed.



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