Be the change !

We always comment on how the city is not clean enough and how the education system is terribke , how our politicians don’t do their job , how there is so much pverty and illiteracy in this country…..

I have a simple theory and solution to all our issues…You gotta problem ? Be the Change !

Blaming other people and doing nothing about it ourself is the easiest thing to do…however taking small steps to make that difference will take our country a long way !

How many of us try and carpool to save fuel and the environment ?

How many of us litter around and when corrected say – this is a small wrapper or I just did it this once ?

How many of us stop and scoul at the driver who spat on the street ?

How many of us donate in cash or kind or man hours to make a difference to somebodys life ?

Most importantly how many of us vote ?

We can’t complain if we add to our own issues or atleast do nothing about it !

These are small things to ponder over but by changing this in our attitude we can definitely be the change !



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