My Power Puff Girls !

Power Puff Girls 

My Power Puff Girls….thats what I call a few of my Gfs. Now PP is my term for women who are achievers in their own right. They are well educated, well accomplished , have great careers are living a healthy balanced and to top it all are doing the whole social bit with flair.

It is also a term I use for women I feel who would probably do better or the same with their lives without the men in their lives….Husbands & Boy Friends are just add ons for them. I feel in fact they just play along to keep these men happy and massage their egos…but in reality it is these men who need my girls than vice versa.
This phenomenon is not restricted to the girls I hang out with but is one that is fast spreading across our generation…Think about it…how many PP’s do you know ?

Share your views !

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