New Year Resolutions…2011

Now that I am back from my holiday I have a list of New Year resolutions , that I will try to keep…best effort basis of course !
– I have to finish my Spanish Level 1 course this year
– I have to learn one new sport
– I have to finish the SCB marathon ( dream run this year and then try to train for half marathon 2012)
– I have to travel to 3 countries – one is already done if you count my new years spent in Lanka
– I have to finish 25 new books ( approx 1 in 2 weeks…so should be easy)
– I need to spend more time on meditation
– I need to learn a new dance form – maybe belly dancing…
– I need to take my vitamin supplements everyday
– I need to save more , spend less and invest wisely
– I need to sponsor one more Child’s education through my savings this year.
– I need to plant one tree
– I need to lose another  5 kgs this year
– I need to catch up on the classics and cover atleast 12 classics this year
– I need to spend more quality time with my family

Thats what I can think of right now…

Update # 1 (22/1/2011) : I have successfully completed the Mumbai SCB Dream Run in 36 minutes. It was a fabulous experience and will be writing about it soon !
I visited Sri lanka for New Years .. so thats 1 new country done for now. I also visited Indore for a friends Wedding so thats a new city for me. Will blog about that soon !
I started with Spanish class yesterday…will blog about it soon ! Also will write a review of my class….

One thought on “New Year Resolutions…2011

  1. Update as on March 14th –

    -Spanish class is well not going so fine .. been working weekends so need to sort that out… 😦
    -I have started sailing with dad ! 🙂 SO thats a new sport !
    -On the travel bit – Singapore plan got canned but Delhi happens in April and NYC in May….for my cousins wedding…
    – I’ve read 2 new books so far…will write a review soon !
    – I am actively working with Atma and hence helping many kids with quality education !
    – Ive lost 1.5 kgs since my last update 🙂

    Not bad after all !

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