Live Life to the fullest !


I always say – You never learn till you don’t fall ! 🙂

I feel that it’s very important for us to experience things in Life and then decide what is right or wrong …

Parents , ZFriends and people around us may influence us and may share their views and experiences but somethings are better learnt the hard way ..

Riding a bike ! Thats the first example that comes to my mind …

Falling in Love and then a heartbreak is another…..

A friend of mine once said – “It is only in being with many wrong people do you know when you meet the right one ” . This funda can be applied to any relationship…be it that of partners , or friends or even people at work !

If I make a decision , whatever be the outcome , I never regret it … it’s very rare that I look back and say I wish I had not said that or done that….well somethings we just say but very rarely do I do things that are rash….

I met this guy at a friends wedding recently and we have become great friends now , and while we spoke I happened to say something about life having shades of grey and we had this debate about everything being Black or White….I still believe that everything is subjective in life ! One man’s medicine could be another’s poison ….. it’s about what you think is the right thing to do and then you must go for it…

Always remember , as I do …I am today the person I am because of Life – its people and it’s experiences. We meet so many people , some who stay , some who go away and some who irrespective of whether they stay or go leave a mark on us….

There is one Life to live , why stress ? Do the right thing and then sit back and enjoy the journey …because in the end its the journey and not the destination that counts…..


Share your views !

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