To be or not to be … that my friend is the question !

I believe in two things very strongly –

1. The law of Karma

2. Every Individual is Unique and special , shaped by his or her experiences.

In life we meet all sorts of people…from all we learn something . Sometimes they leave behind good memories and we learn great things from them.

Sometimes we meet people who well sadly scar us for life , yet teach us something that will shape us as the human being we go on to become.

When we are presented with certain choices , I oft wonder whether to be or not to be…

What should one be…who decides what is right or wrong ? On what grounds ? Is it correct to base our decisions on the values we are brought up on ? Then again one wonders on what grounds are these values “correct”…

I have figured out a method that guides me through these situations. This method is based on the above mentioned principles that I hold so close to my heart.

When presented with choices in life I simply break them down to see –

1. If I chose Path A v/s Path B and I know the Law of Karma of whatever goes around , comes around ( tenfold) will hold , how would I feel…which boils down to putting myself in others shoes…

2. I evaluate the situation keeping in mind the people involved and their values, experiences and what factors maybe influencing them..

Not to say that this is a Fool Proof method , nor does it mean that I am oh so principled and righteous always.. but more often than not , this little pause that I take to decide what I should do when in dilemma helps me make best use of my values and heart to make the right decision.

Yet again sometimes life brings us to a point where either choice hurts and makes it difficult to be…



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