My Friend’s Bachelorette….


Its every girls dream to make her wedding a memorable event….We kick-started my close friend’s wedding with her Bachelorette party yesterday. We were a total of 13 girls and the Bride and what a blast we had…

While preparing for the party I came across some pretty cool games.. and I thought that I would make life easier for you by giving ideas for planning a similar party  for yourself or your friends….
1. Select a Theme – We selected a dress code and a general theme. Our Dress Code was Black and Short…. We wore short black numbers and let the bride wear a color of her choice to make her stand out and feel special. Our theme was ‘ Devils and Angels” so we went to Party Hunterz a party supply store in Bandra and picked up Devil Hair-bands and an Angel’s Halo for the Bride to be..
2. Food : We thought that since the party would start at about 10 : 30 we should keep the food light so we ordered in Chinese Starters with our Drinks. We also got chips and dip organised. We got a chocolate cake. We wanted to get a ‘Fun’ cake but it was a last minute thought and the lady who makes these – Bina 022-26439014 said she needed at least 3 days prior notice.  We got one of our friends to bake mini cupcakes and got her to put in little chits with numbers on them. These numbers ( each unique) helped us assign dares to the bridesmaids in one of our games.
3. Alcohol : For those who consume Alcohol heres what we did – we got plastic cups/glasses and got a bottle of red wine, 2 bottles of vodka and sprite and coke. This was based on a consensus and I recommend that a poll is conducted so that majority of the girls get their poison.
4. Decoration : We got lights, candles,ribbons, bead chains, balloons,a Bride sash all from Party Hunterrz in Bandra.

5. Games : So this is what we did. We used a cardboard to create a male cut out and then dressed him up layering him with a jacket,shirt,shorts ,belt and boxers. We had made a list of 21 questions ( though I suggest one sticks to 10 coz 21 can get too long..) . We then asked the groom what his answer/reactions to these would be. At the party we posed these questions to the bride and asked her how she thinks the Groom would respond. For every wrong answer she had to take a piece of clothing off the cut out and have a shot. It can get prettty funny if the Bride gets more than 4 answers wrong…

I suggest this game is played mid way through the party so the Bride may enjoy some of the other games in a sober state 😛

Game 2: Cupcake Dares – As I mentioned above the cupcakes had numbers and for each number we had a dare. This game is fun as all Bridesmaids get involved…..make sure the Dares are fun and kinky….

Game 3: Bridal Bingo. This is a customized version of Bingo.

Game 4: Bridal Scramble.

Game 5: How well do you know the Bride. Template attached in the All Things Nice section . Though this should be customized.

Game 6: Blowing the Balloon game. Hand out 5-6 deflated balloons and see who can ‘ blow’ them the fastest… and tie them up ofcourse :p
6. Music : Make sure you have a fun playlist with numbers like ‘ All the Single ladies’, ‘Its raining men..’ etc…
Links that helped me :

Well Hope This information helps you girls pan a fun bash for your friend. Don’t forget the camera…. xoxo



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