Beat the Heat !

Summers here and with the way things are ( in early March) I think we are going to burn this year !

As most of my friends have realised about me , I am fairly particular about what I eat and drink. I try to get in as much as upto 4 lts of water a day ! Now Summer makes it easier to meet this crazy goal I set for myself and I usually try to consume as much Iced Tea as I can over the 3 months of summer .

Iced Tea does not imply Lipton or any other ready to drink mix. There are 2 options I stick to –

1. Home Made Iced Tea  –

Boil water ( just like you would for regular tea) add a drop of honey and use Flavored/ Fruit Tea , teabags to prepare tea. Let this cool , add ice cubes and refrigerate. I make upto 4 bottles and keep these in my fridge. This is a zero calorie ( almost subject to the amount of honey used) that keeps me cool , refreshed and helps me through the summer.

Tea is also rich in anti oxidants and helps detox the body.

Flavours I use – Cherry and Passion Fruit. Though you can try whatever flavour you please. You can even use green tea to make your iced tea.

2. Enso Tea

Zen in a bottle ! Thats what this is !

Ready to drink teas that refresh me and get me going. Available at Nature’s Basket and all other leading gourmet stores , these bottles priced at Rs. 100 each come in 4 flavours ( all green tea based so really healthy) –

1. Orignal Green tea

2. Honey Lemon tea

3. Japanese Rice

4. Jasmine

One can even call and order a crate from Chenab Impex ( official importers and representatives of Enso in India)

Enso in Japanese means Circle. Here implying circle of life and fitness.


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