Global Warming….

All those who know me well will smile when they see this picture…of the many causes I support , saving the environment is one of them.

I’ve always one to turn off the lights at work in the empty conference room and cabins , or one ever ready to carpool so we can save fuel or even one who is very conscious of not littering around ( rather not letting anybody litter).

If Captain Planet was for real , he would be really proud of me ! 🙂

I am of the firm belief that what is happening around us today – the floods , drought , extreme cold and the very hot summer that we are going to witness in 2011 is all a function of the abuse of our natural resources.

We can all do simple things to prevent further damage or at least pro long the effects of Global Warming. It’s these small simple every day things that will take us and this planet a long long way.

The Tsunami that shook and washed away Northern Japan on Friday has only reaffirmed my belief that the planet is fighting back…it is pay back for the deforestation and chemical abuse inflicted by us Humans….

I think Recycle – Reuse- Reduce is the mantra going forward and we should all do our bit to make this planet a greener cleaner place !

The Indian Government needs to step up and needs to formulate laws that further this cause.

A no littering policy, recycling plants , separation of wet and dry garbage , prevention of wastage of water and electricity are all essential steps and  a fine should be levied on all those who break these rules.

How many times have we seen cab drivers and Rickshaw fellas spit on the road , or educated people throw wrappers ! How many of us have stopped them or corrected them ? It is up to us to make this change !

How many of us turn off the fan and lights when we leave the room ?

How many of us turn off the taps when we don’t need running water ?

It is time for us to ponder and act.. else we will be next in line and will face the fury of the environment !


Share your views !

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