Little Anastasia…the introduction

You know how sometimes in life you get things you’ve always wanted when you least expect them…that’s how little Anastasia came into our lives.

A friend of mine (V) and I were out for our usual evening walks and chat sessions and were discussing life and the many choices we must make …it was a heavy discussion and post the walk we were , well to say the least exhausted…physically and emotionally….

We walked into her apartment building and a little puppy (not more than 2 months old) had followed us in !

Enter Lil Ana …..

Wagging her tail she walked in behind us and we(both of us being dog lovers) welcomed her into our lives with open arms…in the few minutes of her being in our lives she had already made us forget how things were tough for us , or of those many decisions we had to make…all our energies and emotions were focussed only on taking her home and making her ours…

I’ve always wanted a dog and haven’t been allowed to keep one ( not after my dog Charles passed away) and V and I had just been discussing her old doggy Coco during our walk…

So we brought Anastasia up to V’s apartment and gave her water which she lapped up….then we thought it may be a good idea to run to a pet shop and pick some stuff for the puppy. So we ran to this store in our area and picked up the bare essentials ( the two of us could have bought the store but we kept reminding ourselves that V needed to get Sams approval to keep the puppy ) . So anyways we bought the stuff ( a purple leash… J , flea spray , flea wipes , some sort some mashed food , a chewy rattle and a comb ) and ran home…. I swear I felt like a kid with a sugar rush…all the fatigue had vanished…

V took over after that (as I headed home) ..and bathed and cleaned the puppy ..we first thought we would name her Munchkin…to bring some spunk into our lives . So she was Munchkin for the night…a puppy who was so exhausted that after her bath she apparently dozed off…. how cute is that ! V called me and we giggled as she updated me on her evening with Munchkin…

The good news is – Sam has approved the idea ( hug to Sam for that)…under the condition we call her Anastasia  (Ana) and hence little Munchkin became little Ana…

Other updates – Ana has already got her drops / shots thanks to V’s dog loving neighbour who had called the vet in when she saw Ana 2 days back….

The not so good news ( for now) – V’s neighbours ( whose daughter is her landlady ) are not too fond of doggies….so let’s see how that pans out…

For now it’s going to be V Ana and me for our evening walks and lots of cute and fun updates coming your way ! Good things do truly come in little packages J


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