Aaachooo it’s a Monday ! Sigh !


There’s a creepy icky feeling…..I look at the calendar on my phone and I instantly know why…it’s a Monday !

I think I may have a serious problem here…incurable even…an allergy that cannot be treated…I’m allergic to Mondays !

Symptoms are –

1. I want to sleep in…

2. I can’t find the keys to my wardrobe…

3. I really don’t have any clothes to wear to work…

4. The water heater is taking too long…

5. There is so much traffic on the way..I think I should stay in..

and the list goes on…

I’m such a weekend person…I start counting down to the weekend from Wednesday itself…

Not to say that I am lazy or don’t like to work…I just don’t like Mondays….

Cure –

1. Mondays should be holidays or the week shouldn’t start on a Monday ( like in the Middle East )

2. Monday’s should be half days perhaps ?

3. I normally keep Mondays busy at work and line up as many meetings as i can so I don’t feel that its Monday , coz i’m too busy to bother…

4. I make evening plans…like today I met Mary from Atma post work AND met Virginia for a walk so I felt oober productive..,.

Please note that these are just temporary remedies and dealing with Mondays is always going to be a pain and an allergy that will never go away…. 😛


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