Life is what we make of it…

As I write this post , I have begun to question some of my oh so very feminist beliefs…

What I wonder is that the Power Puff girls that I have been so super proud of (and still am) how do they fare in their Marriage / Relationship departments ?

These go getters , achievers and fun-loving pretty and successful women , how do they feel when they are married to the so very MCP and typical Indian Alpha males ?

Given that they are Power Puff girls , I know these women make these relationships and marriages work and do whatever they can to make their spouse and his family happy … but what I have begun to wonder is that can these girls be truly happy while doing that ?

Should they stay the same bold , young driven women they are …. or should they follow their mother’s footsteps and be more submissive and bend the 70% way that our Moms have always taught us ?

Can there be situations and Indian men who accept these women for who they are ? Can they be supportive and appreciative of how these girls balance work , home , husband , in-laws and kids ?

I wonder if this is a flaw in the way we have been brought up…as equals…because I’ve come to realise that sadly we are not equals at the end of the day… we do need to work harder to make a marriage work and keep everybody happy but most importantly to keep ourselves happy…

Maybe it’s time to change the path we walk on … to adapt to the need of the hour and in doing so may we take pleasure and pride ourselves on how we can be all that and more , Home makers and career women all in one but Home Makers before anything else …..all for peace , love and family !


One thought on “Life is what we make of it…

  1. Found this post to be direct and to the point..truly mirroring how u r!!..for starters, very well written tiara! 😉

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