Pray for Japan….

Friday’s earthquake and Tsunami that not only shook Japan but also took a hold of the world seems to be getting worse….

It’s often the aftermath of these events that cause more trauma and damage.

The risk of a nuclear accident at the huge power plant in North – Eastern Japan is fast rising . A fuel known as  Mox (mixed-oxide) that is considered highly experimental is the real cause of panic . The government, already under huge pressure to deal with the tragedy created by Friday’s earthquake, is now struggling to prevent panic over the potential meltdown of a nuclear reactor.

The PM of Japan with tears in his eyes addressed the media and the people and said today that Japan was facing its worst crisis since World War 2 .

Japan’s seismologists say there is a high risk of more big aftershocks in the coming days. In the areas worst hit by the quake, hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes, and food and blankets are scarce.

Reports of more than 2000 dead and missing are floating around.These figures exclude the 10,000 who the government acknowledged on March 13th are unaccounted for in one coastal area of Miyagi prefecture, called Minamisanriku.

Aerial shots show a large community that existed there has now virtually disappeared under tidal water. Some 450,000 people have been made homeless.

Relief efforts have been hampered by destroyed roads and bridges, waterlogged airports and other disrupted lines of communication.

An American aircraft carrier and emergency services from other countries  have joined the rescue effort, which underscores how bad the situation must be.

The assumed death toll, which has already doubled in 24 hours, may rise much further yet. This is worse than the Kobe quake of 1995 that claimed more than 6500 lives .

The risk  of radiation leakage at a nuclear-power plant in Fukushima prefecture, 250 miles north of Tokyo is the real cause of worry.

Most of the efforts today was spent in reassuring and trying to convince foreigners not to flee Tokyo.  To add to Japan’s worries it MET department has predicted that there is a chance of another big quake this week.

Many businesses have decided to close.The likes of  Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Suzuki will idle some or all factories.

The Bank of Japan, in an attempt to salvage the situation has provided ¥55 billion in cash to 13 banks , in case customers line up to get money on Monday morning.

Perhaps bracing for further weeks of uncertainty, Tokyo residents and others have been stocking up on petrol and provisions. Pot noodles are gone from the supermarket shelves, as are bread and tins of tuna.

It is sad to see the current state of affairs in Japan. I wonder how we can help….I am sure there are agencies that will be pooling in resources in both cash and kind to aid the victims.

If anybody comes across any such agency please write to me about it. I will try my best to pool in and get people to contribute so we can do our bit to salvage this mess and the loss…

till then all we can do is Pray for Japan…. 😦


Source of information – Economist report.


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