From Holi Hai to Holi Haiii :(

We all Love to play Holi…go on …admit it ! I kept telling everybody how this year I shall NOT play Holi and how I think it ruins our Hair and skin…and guess what ! Like EVERY Year i ended up playing it…and a rough one too !

I got dunked in the baby pool 15 times and amidst the music,dancing,water fights the colors came out after me as well…I fought it for about 15 minutes but hell broke lose on others once I got into pay back mode….Lol

I was the one ( i’ll admit) who brought out the silver and the black…but to be very honest those colors came off easily… its the Reds and Purples that I am still stuck with !

Here are some tips :

Pre Holi

  • Please smear yourself with oil ( baby oil/olive oil) , yes face included and even hair…this ensures that the color comes off easily later.
  • Please also put on a layer of DARK nail paint ( yes boys you too !) . People recommend the top coat but I think the darker ones offer more protection…maybe its just my theory….

The After math….

For Hair…

  • The colors at Holi are a nightmare on lighter highlights. Blond highlights almost turn pink, because the colors saturate the cuticle of your hair and refuses to wash off at home..
  • So go to your salon and get your stylist to help you wash it off….Your stylist should be able to help you , I’m yet to visit mine !
  • If the chemicals in Holi colors  dry out your hair and scalp, try a salon wash, followed by a nourishing / hydrating spa cleanse to restore you hair or wash off and re apply oil and keep it that way for about 2 days…


  • At the party please carry a set of wet wipes so that you can take off the silver and gold immediately and help your skin breathe….
  • Come home and IMMEDIATELY cleanse , tone and moisturise.
  • Don’t  rub or apply pressure whilst trying to remove the coloured stains.
  • Do not Srcub….or use Loofahs…
  • Do not bathe your skin in mineral oil or alcohol based products as they will dry skin even more and make it look dull , pale and dead…
  • Use water based moisturizers .
  • Use a cooling, soothing face masque that will calm any inflammation and reduce redness.( can use the deep cleansing Masque from Neutrogena …the 2 in 1 , foaming masque).
  • For those who like to keep things natural , my Mom recommends I used Besan and Lemon to scrub it with and milk to restore moisture….

Share your views !

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