Facebook Etiquette…

So…I’m a Facebooker..like most people of this generation. I wouldn’t go ahead and say I am an active Facebooker but I do have an account with basic information and a couple of pictures. I’ve blocked my wall coz I think that it’s a very public place and I really am not comfortable with the idea of everybody knowing what I feel like, where I went and who I hung out with etc…

This Holi , a friend and I were driving to the party and this discussion came up…

She believes that if you meet a person just once or twice it’s not cool to add them on facebook….I think its subjective. I’m actually ok sending add requests to people with common friends , who I meet at a party and want to keep in touch with…

I’m also of the opinion that it’s upto you if you want to accept the add request or not….

I’m just wondering what the norm is…

I mean suppose , you meet a guy at the party..and he’s interesting and you just want to hang out or get to know him better…( I use HE here as my issue is that I may be sending a wrong message to the opposite sex by sending a request)….So if I send him an add request , does it only imply that I am interested in him in a not so platonic way ?

Similarly if a guy meets a girl at a party through common friends is it not ok for him to send her an add request ? Isnt that the whole point of Facebook ? keeping in touch and getting to know people ?

I am not comfortable adding random,unknown people who send add requests , but if I meet a guy or girl who sends me an add request I think its cool !

Also Privacy settings enable us to set filters as to who gets to see what in your profile or comment or tag you…

Another issue about Facebook is the kind of pictures people put up…I mean it’s their personal choice at the end of the day but the kind of pictures I know people put up leads to others who don’t know them too well , judging them…unless thats the image they’re trying to build…

Also please will somebody set an age limit to Facebook ! I have old aunts and friend’s parents sending me add requests …I don’t know how to deal with that ?

Is there a code / book of etiquette for Facebook ? now that Facebook is such a life changing phenomenon shouldn’t one create a rule book ?


One thought on “Facebook Etiquette…

  1. I love this article of yours..And i second you on adding people you meet and a BIG yes to please help me deal with Aunts and Uncles..

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