Makeover Saturday !

So my friend Malini ( got us girls over to Designer Narendra Kumar’s store in Khar , Mumbai. He launched his  Prêt line at LFW recently and she thought we girls deserved to have some girlie fun and try the clothes on and get a makeover !

So she invited us over and we got pampered and styled by top stylists of Jean Claude Biguine and got a chance to pick an outfit of our choice for the evening. 

We were dolled up and had hair and make up experts work on us ! they truly transformed us into glam dolls 🙂 . I even tied my hair up (something I would never do , given how plain jane I can be at times !)

It was a fun experience over wine , cheese , M.A.C and of course Prêt !

The clothes are well-fitting , stylish , smart and most importantly well priced ! You must check out the store and get yourself a nice classy outfit !

P.S. to make our evening even more exciting she got a photographer to take our pictures and has initiated a contest…we need to visit her website and vote for the outfit/Prêt girl we like best and the girl with maximum votes gets to keep the outfit !

So go ahead check out :

and vote for Girl # 7 and help me be the Lady in Red !


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