Sucker Punch-ed Sunday !

Ughhh….. ya that’s what my reaction was when the movie got over !

So I thought its Sunday and I should go watch a movie , so I let my friend take a call and decide between Sucker Punch or The Eagle…

Obviously we chose Sucker Punch (coz that’s what I’m blogging about)…

So lets begin here.. what does ‘Sucker Punch’ mean ?

According to Wikipedia –

sucker punch is a blow made without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. It is usually delivered from close range or from behind. A sucker punch thrown outside of the rules of boxing is illegal.

For me I was Sucker Punched when I saw the movie. To be honest I did not have very high expectations in the first place but this one was a real crap movie !

This is a complex film, weakly supported by a sick tragic background story that even includes a chilling near-depiction of a lobotomy operation serves as an adequate vehicle for presenting the action that one gets to see, namely hot chicks fighting videogame-style against various imagined baddies.

The movie from the makers of 300 B.C.( Zack Snyder) Starring : Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, Oscar Isaac is highly average !

It can be summarised as girls, girls and more girls, decked out in cleavage bearing, tight-fitting outfits wielding assault rifles and swords, slaughtering enemies in their way without batting an eyelid.Theres lots of make up with false eyelashes and hairdo all in place.Like my friend Karan said , Baby Doll’s facial expressions were annoyingly made to be innocent , so much so that you wanted to reach out and slap her mid movie…the look was constipated and downright irritating !

I could even see the poor attempt to replicate parts of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

If you’ve seen Zack Snyder’s live action films, then you’d just about know what to expect from him, with slow-mo signature sequences and an eclectic selection of pop music peppering the background, with Emily Browning doing an excellent cover of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams ( one of my favourite songs!), which becomes the film’s prologue introducing  Baby Doll, a girl who thwarted her stepfather’s attempted rape of her and her sister, but an intervention resulting in her sister’s death meant having the tables turned and thrown into a mental asylum. The warden Blue Jones is then bribed to keep her inside long enough to get an unauthorized lobotomy to keep her quiet, permanently.

Thus unravels the plot which revolves around Baby Dolls plan to escape from the institute before the High Roller / Doctor arrives in a few days for the procedure, and we begin that descend into Baby Doll’s mind , an imaginary transfer to a brothel which seems more interesting than the  madhouse, with its predominantly female inmates being exotic dancers with exotic identities trained to gyrate by Dr Vera Gorski .

Baby Doll soon hatches a plan to escape based on the retrieval of 4 items to aid ( Map,Knife,Fire and the Key) in her escape mission as guided and introduced by Wise Man along with Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie and Amber.

Thematically, it advises females to seek and allow that inner self of strength to take charge, but frankly it dint even do a good job at that ! They are all played out like an exaggerated video game !

Definitely a passable movie !

Ratings : 2 stars !


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