Speak Out….Loud and Clear !

Ok so here’s what I think … I say if you have a problem it’s upto you to solve it ! Well atleast to try solving it….

We can be one of the 2 –

1. the Cribber

2. the do-er

I think its only fair to be the latter. If I have any problem I try to address it..

I think it makes life less complex and helps rule out any scope of misunderstandings…


Hear me.. Loud and Clear !

I mean if you read my previous post Ibelieve in being the change…be it professionally or personally if something bothers me I just speak out…it’s not fair to blame the system till you give it a chance is it ?

I know its a good thing to be this way but the one thing I am learning and trying to work on is making myself heard tactfully…an Art I hope to master sometime !


Share your views !

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