Time to Bleed Blue !

So ill be very honest here …. I’m not a very big cricket fan…until this World Cup I actually used to quote Bipasha Basu’s lines from an advertisement –

Bips: Do you like Cricket?

Jadeja: Cricket? Silly Game

Bips: Ek Ball aur uske piche 11 Khiladi(Translation – One ball and 11 players vying for it)

Jadeja: Aur unke piche 1100 Deewane(And 1100 crazy fans vying for the players)

My thoughts exactly!!!

Lol…but this year it’s been different ! Maybe coz the worlds been watching India so closely , because the matches are being held here and of course because the match today is not short of a War !

This time we Bleed Blue !

I’m very excited about today ! It’s time to show to the world and a particular not so friendly not so nice country what we are made of !

Go Team India ! Bleed Blue ! I don’t care if we win on 2nd April but PLEASE WIN TODAY !

I can’t even think/discuss other alternatives !

Yours Truly

A newly converted Team India Fan !


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