Bled Blue and HOW!!!!

Proud to be an Indian !

Thank you Team India…you have added a wonderful experience to my life today…I have never felt so much joy and pride…I actually had tears of joy in my eyes when we won today…( for the first time ever)

So I saw the 1st half of the innings at work , thanks to wonderful HR we had snacks and a big screen set up !

Post that I headed to Elbow Room in Bandra , where we saw India repeat history for the 5th time…

Team India ! Victory !

India we did it !

Special mention to my warriors who made this evening even better ! Va , Varun and Sash ! i ❤ u guys !

India Supporters !

Now time to see India bring home the CUP..oops I mean just pick it up
( since this is home ground) and repeat 1983 history….Hope 2nd April is the first world cup win by India in my life and definitely not the last !

I’m totallly bleeding blue right now ! Thanks Team India ! I am proud to be an Indian !

Special mention to Srinidhi , i took the liberty of taking your mobile uploads and adding them to the post !xoxo


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