Ms. Congeniality & the Poodle….

Let me begin by saying I hate drama ! Now its a totally different thing that i CAN be a Drama Queen if need be , but that’s an only if….

I like to keep life as simple as can be…so when I come across somebody who may be a potential source of Drama in my life i scoot…

Virginia’s also come up with  a new term ‘poodle’ . what started off as a joke regarding a particular Drama Queen + Airhead….has now become a term that me and my friends use often….it’s unbelievable how many Poodles we know !

The term refers to silly/blondish girl (though I don’t like to typecast people because of their appearances and hence am not too fond of the term blonde…) but these girls think they are Gods gifts to mankind, are sooper cool and that everybody should like them…my view…Grow up !

It’s ok if of the 10000000 people we meet in our lives 60% don’t like us  and of the balance only 10% really do…because its only normal to have a set of close friends and then a set of people you like but that’s it…why can’t you just accept that there are some people who don’t like you and chose to ignore it , or if it is a person you lile or want to take the effort for then try to understand why and make the changes required….

So stop trying to be Ms. Congeniality and pissing people off by being fake !



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