People we meet….and People we are…

I remember once in B school we had this debate on nature v/s nurture….

I’m a firm believer that nurture is a stronger influence than the nature we are born with…and this holds true not only for Human beings but also for animals…

When we found Ana she was a stray puppy with spunk! That was her nature , however she was a little scared , lost and very wild. It’s over the past few weeks of living with Va and being around us that she has come to become the bright and obedient , yet fun pup she is…all thanks to the time effort and love invested in her..

This came up in a conversation with a friend recently 🙂 …where we were both expressing how grateful we are to our parents for making us the competitive, determined and focussed people we are…

We are all born talented , some of us discover our true calling quicker and some not at all….It all boiled down to the circumstances we are born and bred in…

The effort I see my cousins put in bringing up their kids these days is tremendous ! The schools are picked with care , there are many classes they sign up for and home schooling that is done above all this ensures that these kids are brighter and smarter than we were at that age…

I just thought of penning down my views on this as an effort to express my gratitude towards my folks for having put in the effort to mould me and make me into the driven and determined individual that I am ….


Share your views !

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