Today I spent a few minutes to reflect on where I stand in life and what it has taught me….

I was talking to a 21-year-old who seemed a little flustered and distressed about the “tough” choices to be made. To me these were simple choices we make as adults but then I put myself in her shoes and reflected on my journey to this point in life…

 I remember how much more emotional I used to be, how at 19-20 a fight with a friend or break up seemed the end of the world.. how my worries revolved around exams and admissions and weight gain and what to wear to a party ! and of course boys…

 Well something’s never change 😉 but I have come to realise a lot of our decisions and our reactions to situations are a matter of perspective…

 Talking to her made me smile as I knew exactly how she felt and yet how confidently I reassured her that the world would not end and that life and people would move on… 

 I’m sure that 5 years down the line I will look back and smile at my silly reactions to many things today…and how my worries will be different…

 And then something hit me…a friend of mine ( older and wiser) had once said…

Life is a journey…enjoy it…don’t worry about where it takes you…everyday will teach you a lesson and you will grow…your decisions should come from the heart…never look back and regret ! Coz that’s exactly how the outcome was meant to be !

I’m sure there are many people I have met and will meet who I wish I had not encountered , yet I know that it is their contribution that has made me a stronger wiser more mature person that I am…and I’m sure my dear 21-year-old will look back and smile fondly at life just as I do….


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