Riding the Bicycle……

I remember trying to learn to ride a bike as a kid…I fell and fell and bruised myself that summer but I was determined to learn it before the schools reopened….and I did…

Life is a lot like that experience isn’t it ?

We fall…in love, out of love, fall in energy levels, get demotivated, feel like nothing is going our way…Yet what is key is to remember to pick the Bike and get back on it and try once again and again and again…till we get it right…

Has it ever happened that just when we give up on things and say this is it…it’s not meant to be , somebody comes along and changes our perspective…It could be a person or an event or a bunch of people or series of events….

The key I guess is to be ready to take a chance and be open to change…the fear of hurting (self and others) will result in losing an opportunity to learn…to fall, to grow..to finally learn to ride the bicycle called Life 🙂

I’m glad so far I’ve been open to this and I hope that I do figure out how to ride the Bike in the end but if I can’t I want to make sure that the process is fun enough and I look back and smile like at this summer of Life 🙂


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