Ok one word to describe the movie – CUTE…

So Anmol and I decided to go watch Rio ( since we had heard so much about it) and caught the 8 : 40 pm show at PVR Lower Parel.

This post is not a review of the movie…It is in fact a description of how I felt when I saw it !


Firstly I wanted to goto Rio….for the carnival…now this isn’t a new addition on my wish list , its been there a while but suddenly I’ve developed to an itch to goto Rio in the next year or so !

The next thing I wanted to do was download the OST of the movie….which I am doing as I type this out….

I also want to learn to Samba , I’ve always loved the music and added my own moves but its time to learn it !

Lastly I think Rio the movie is about falling in Love…the message I guess is about giving life a chance , discovering your true calling , venturing out there to find love and of course learning to fly !

I totally recommend this movie …especially in 3D ( though the 3D glasses in PVR are very heavy and not so comfy) but its a must watch !

For more on the movie –


Share your views !

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