Too much or Too little ?

Have you ever wondered where to draw the line when it comes to a person , their space and time ?

What if you meet somebody wonderful and would like to get to know them better and are trying to figure all this out and at the same time want to give them and yourself the time and space to live your individual lives and still miss each other …

What is too much time together ? How much is enough space….what is right or wrong ?

I guess sometimes going with the flow may not be the best thing and one should need to step back and reflect…would that help ? 

In the world of different personalities , upbringing, views , experiences what may work for one may not for the other individual….what may be too much for me may be too little for you !

Keeping a communication line open to talk and ensure the other individual knows how you feel is key but what is too much information then ?

Sigh ! Too much or too little…that is the question ! 


Share your views !

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