San Churro

It was a lovely Friday evening with my two favorite girls !

Me and my Girls !

As i had stubbed my toe this week and my drivers on leave I convinced these Sobo girls to come over to Bandra so we could catch up and check out the new Chocolate Heaven in Bandra !

San Churro is the new cafe off Waterfield Road in Bandra. Their menu card is a dream come true with Chocolate items accounting for most of the grub and stuff including chocolate beverages, chocolate desserts, chocolate fondue and churros with molten chocolate

Given that its the Easter Weekend the place had been done up keeping the festive mood in mind and beautiful and yummy looking easter eggs caught our fancy as soon as we entered the cafe.

Split over 2 levels the cafe seats about 90 and has a fun, warm yet classy feel to it !

San Churro offers six kinds of coffee including the Spanish latte. I tried the Cappacino and I wasn’t disappointed <3!

We tried the Molten Chocolate and 3 churos which were yummy but very heavy ( given that they amounted for my normal calorie intake for the day :P).

Chocolate + Churos

We also tried the Berry Bizchoco that is creamy,chocolatey , custurdy and has strawberries in it !!!

The staff is warm, courteous and efficient ! We even suggested that they get board games so people can sit there and play that while they sip on their cocoa and binge on the yummy deserts and select few savory items (sandwich, puff etc) that are available

I totally DIG this new Cafe in my area and for those of you who see me trying to burn those extra calories off , you now know where they came from !

Ami and the Churros

A meal for 2 costs approximately Rs 500 and the cafe offers free wi-fi !

Address :  Shop no 11, Silver Pearl, opposite Red Box Cafe, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W)

Website :


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