The Economist asks…

I came across an interesting poll on . I am taing the liberty of copying the article and pasting the link as well….

Please vote and let me know what you think….this is something I have always pondered over….being a secularist myself it sometimes make me feel that a universal religion would be the answer to a lot of the world’s issues ….

The article is appended below :

Will science ever succeed in explaining religion?

Christians around the world celebrate Easter. Other religions perform their own, often markedly different spring rites around this time of year, too. How to explain this diversity? Are there any aspects of religion which are universal? If so, what do they stem from? Scientists are starting to explore these questions, and offer some, admittedly tentative answers. But they are still a long way from providing a satisfactory account of this pervasive and persistent, albeit not universal, phenomenon (all human societies have religions, though not everyone is religious). Some may argue that tentative is the best scientists can do, since religion is, by its very nature, intractable by scientific method. Boffins working in the field will, of course, beg to differ.

Link to the article –


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