Weekend Diaries…

For those who know me well it will not come as a surprise that I had yet another super weekend ! (well almost until last evening ) …Just thought I would throw in reviews of 2 movies ( yes I know and I still wish I could’ve seen more) , a club , a new Spa Products company , The Little Food Co. and Pali Village Cafe ! ( these will follow in my next few posts as I get time )

On Friday evening a bunch of my friends ( I ❤ you Malz and FC) headed to Tryst a relatively new club ( has replaced Ra) . The theme for the night was Moulin Rogue and the club had been transformed into a land of red fun and sin!

The Music (and you know how I have 2 right feet hahah ) was FANTASTIC ! Thank)s to DJ AJ and team at Tryst the House and HipHop beats kept us going on the dance floor way past modern day Cinderella’s dead line ! 😉

The next morning was spent chilling and relaxing and yes I did get a chance to catch up with my 2 favourite girls ! No prizes for guessing who ! 😛 I met VA and Annie ! <3<3 . Annie has grown bigger and smarter and well stronger ! Her latest trick is that she can now jump on the couch and is not scared of the consequences ! Hahah !

Post my date with the girls I headed to Ami’s. Amu is one f the warmest hosts I have ever known ! A superb cook and really creative , any get together at the Kothari residence is nothing short of an event ! This time it was the launch of Premier Spa Products . Ami was hosting it at her place and had invited a select few of her friends over….It was a fun evening with girls trying out new skin care products and yummy food from the Little Food Co.

After Ami’s party I headed to watch The Source Code with the family at Metro Cinemas.

Sundays are usually light and are more about unwinding and spending quality time with the family. However post lunch Va and I decided to catch up on Thor 3D at PVR phoenix .

Given my cold I had to skip dinner with my friends (who were meeting up for dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.) Just got a quiet bite at the neighbourhood cafe instead with Mix and Va….a quiet end to a hectic weekend ( especially for a sick ladki)

However all in all it was a great weekend with loads of socializing and lots of fun 🙂


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