Random Encounters…

As I sat at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf waiting for my friend last week , reading a magazine a boy walked up to my table and requested me to let him join me…this I thought was very weird especially since he had a group of friends ( all guys ) sitting not far from where I sat engrossed in my article….

Surprised I did not say anything and he sat down and began talking…I was amused and since I had been waiting a good hour ( and was well bored..) I let him do his thing…

So he began…he said sorry this seems a little weird I know but my friends believe that a guy cannot approach a girl sitting alone in India without running the risk of getting slapped … lol I stifled a giggle , and in my head I was like this guys on crack… bemused I let him continue , he went on to say that his friends believed that a guy cannot approach a cute or pretty girl and start talking randomly….to this I smiled….he asked my opinion…unwillingly I said it really depended on the situation…he said what if that situation ( us sitting there) was the situation and then quickly corrected himself by saying “hypothetically” if you are cute and pretty and sitting alone and I walk up to you will you talk to me …. I had little to add to this but said I guess it would really depend and then began fidgeting with my phone to display my discomfort…

He got the hint I guess but left after saying something really funny…he said maybe you should write about this and tell people its ok to do this…. weird…how did he know I could/would blog about this ?

He got up and went back to his friends and they carried on with their normal discussion regarding some car….they got up after 15-20 minutes but left me thinking if I would be ok with this…my views are I would not….but it really would depend on the guy, situation etc….what do you think ?

P.s. Mix you missed your ‘hero moment’ that evening what can I say ! Lol


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