Finding Nemo…

Well this post is not about the movie…its not about Nemo and how I love animated movies…

Its about finding Nemo…a true balance in life and true purpose…its about finding love and recognising it…its about valuing people we meet and people who love us…its also about finding a meaning of this crazy life we live…

Life they say is a journey…we meet people , see things and places and these experiences help us form opinions…

The law of demand and supply applies to every step we take…its all about knowing the balance … Knowing what is too much and too little…if you love somebody how much should you tell them ? When ? How ?

If your employed how flexi should you be ? How much should you be paid ? How many hours should you work ? What defines job satisfaction ?

They say family should be there for each other…how much ? Where should we draw the line ? When do we know what is too much ?

Its all about finding Nemo..
I too am trying to figure it out…and the journey is confusing at times…trying to strike a balance is the endeavour…yet will that guarantee success ?

I may have found and lost Nemo…yet maybe its a temporary phase to find my true calling , to give me a chance to think and evaluate life…

Thus the journey continues…I’m looking for Nemo … et tu ?

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