Chasing Hope….

HOPE…such a wonderful word…another 4 letter word but i guess this one daddy would approve of eh šŸ˜‰
Have you ever thought what makes the world go round ? People think its money….love….I’ve come to realise its HOPE !
We Hope we will find true love…we HOPE we will get to keep true love….we HOPE when we wear an outfit people will think we look pretty….we HOPE we will make money…We HOPE we will do well at work, be happy….We HOPE we will live a long happy healthy life….
It is this hope that drives us to get going….hopeĀ enablesĀ us and gives us the strength to do better work harder and keep going when the going gets tough….
Its hope of the boy/girl we are in love with alsoĀ reciprocatingĀ it that keeps us going….its the hope that the new job will be better its the hope that the person we marry will be a partner and help us live abetter richer fuller life…
Im an optimistic…for those who’ve known me long enough know I can lay low only for a while and then I snap out of it and get back to chasing Hope….
Hope’s got us going but what I really wish to do in life is to take this Hope and stretch the net so I can reach out to more…friends , family, peers and of course theĀ underprivilegedĀ children…give them a reason to battle daily stressĀ pressureĀ abuse ,sorrow,loss…BE A SOURCE OF JOY AND GIVE THEM HOPE…Coz its HOPE thats got us going a’int it !


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