Mind it !

Haha no I am no Rajnikanth fan…I admire the dude for being the cool guy he is at his age but this blog post isn’t about him…or his fans….

I am a fan of India though…I’m one of those people who get goosebumps when I hear/sing the National Anthem….I’m one of those who stands up everytime the Anthem is on….Infact I’m silly enough to stand up for any Anthem ( no not the football ones…but the American, Brazilian…that wala Anthem) whenever I hear it….( yes there was this annoying world cup advert that had them and played throughout the matches and I had to stand up everytime…)

So when the Maharashtra government introduced the rule to play the National Anthem before every movie at a Cinema/Multiplex I had mixed feelings about it…

I was thrilled of course ! Given the amount of movies I watch…I get to sing my Anthem every week 😀 but I was not too happy because of the following –

1. People are forced to sing it…..this means they say things like “arey yaar….abhi we will have to stand…”
2. It’s plain inconvenient when your already struggling to keep that large box of caramel popcorn and pepsi and trying to fit the square box in a round holder….
3. People talk during the Anthem…
4. People/Kids fidget around and don’t know how to stand ….

I blog about this out of the blue because even though this has been on my mind for a while now , last weekends episode really ticked me off…

Dad and I went to watch Kung Fu Panda..( yeah I will be reviewing it today) … there were a lot of kids…(but obviously) however what irritated me was that the parents did nothing to shut them up or teach them how to stand or ask them to keep quiet…infact loud annoying moms were chatting themselves and standing all wrong and talking loudly to the kids and to their friends….I mean seriously ! I know kids are tough to handle but you gotta teach them the right thing to do na ! I doubt most Indians know too much about our Anthem and so I am for the benefit of most posting a couple of links today…

Hopefully those of you who reside in Mumbai and will read my blog will know what is to be done…

Be Proud people ! We have the World’s Best Anthem !!!

Jai Hind and Mind it !!!! 😉






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