Po finds Inner peace…!!!

Po ( refers to the Panda in Kung Fu Panda 1&  2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda) and in the Movie Kung Fu Panda 2 (which I saw last weekend) he embarks on a journey to fight the bad guys, find out about himself(he was adopted by a stork so he is in search of his true identity) and of course most importantly finding inner peace !

As with most movies (especially those of the Disney/Dreamworks category) he does accomplish all that he wants, but my take away from the movie was that finding inner peace is the key to success !

We all are looking for that balance in life…that need/want to find our true selves….

We spend so much time looking outside , yet the answer lies within….

We forget that it is usually a battle with ourselves that we must win…and that once we decide that this is what we need , if we set our mind to it we can accomplish it….

We tend to forget that the key is to figure out what we want and need….we also tend to forget that we will get there if we focus but it is not the destination that counts….the journey there matters most… and a perfect journey , with perfect people is NO FUN !

Po made friends on his way to finding inner peace , he learnt about his past, he also made choices , I think he may have also found love ( the Tigress) …. thats what counts…its these elements that help us look within….help us think…ponder and then figure out what we need and want and that will in turn lead us to inner peace…

Letting go of all negatives, learning to accept things for what they are (knowing when to stop trying) that is the key to inner peace….

I hope I find my balance….!

Fantastic Movie ! Great entertainment ! Please avoid PVR for the 3D as the glasses they provide causes a headache more than anything…. Great animation , great star cast ( Jack Black, Jolie , Dustin Hoffman,Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan…)

If I had to choose between Pirates 3 and Kung Fu 2 , the latter would get my vote !!


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