Friends are like coffee !

🙂 Yeah I know thats an odd title for a post….but its true you know ! I love coffee , I need it to start me up and a no coffee day makes me sulky,sleepy and cranky….

I’m no addict , I just enjoy the coffee….

To me my friends are like coffee…I need them to keep me going 🙂 They make me a brighter , chirpier and happier person. They add flavour to my life….they are much like the HUG in the MUG I wake up to each morning. They are also different kinds , from different origins and hence add different flavours to my life …. 🙂

There are the cool , fun ones that you want to chill with….and then there those few warm cups of coffee that you turn to on a cold winters day 😉 when life seems tough and unfair….

I’m glad that I have so many cups of coffee to wake me up and keep me warm and fill me with a sense of direction in life 🙂 ….


P.s. This post is dedicated to a coffee meet I had with one of my girls right now…you know who you are…Thanks for being my HUG in a MUG 🙂 🙂



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