Finding my Atma….the journey begins…….

 They say good things happen to us when we least expect them…..and that’s exactly how I found My Atma!

Atma (Atman) means self/soul in Sanskrit….

As every year I take up a new personal challenge (around my birthday) my challenge for 2010 was to be a healthier & fitter person and what better way to do that than to start training for the much celebrated SCB Mumbai Marathon.

This was something I decided to take up about 2 weeks after my 25th Birthday and realized that I should use this opportunity to support the cause of Quality Education, a cause close to my heart, something I believe in truly and have propagated throughout my life.

So once the decision had been made to participate in The Run, there were 2 things I needed to do to prepare for the Marathon (to be held in early 2011).

  1. Decide what distance I wanted to run and register for the same.
  2. Decide which Charity to support and sponsor for the run.

Given that I wanted to run to get fitter above anything and that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull a half marathon off (given my knee that was yet to fully heal from my fall in February last year), I thought it would be best to sign up for the ‘Baby Bear’ of all categories and hence I signed up for the Dream Run.

Once I had decided that I would run 6 kms I wanted to choose a charity that supported a cause I believed in and after going through a list of organizations participating in the Mumbai Marathon I shortlisted Atma. Thus began my association with Team Atma.

For all those of you who know me well, know that I am very passionately involved with the cause of Quality Education and have been actively volunteering with Sunbeam , so meeting Atma was perfect.

I’ll be honest, I had not heard of them and given how sometimes we come across sketchy organizations I was a little apprehensive at first( which is also why I’m blogging about Atma so you know this is for real!) ! So I called the office to talk to somebody and better understand what they were about and how they function and that’s how I happened to meet Mary! Little did I realize that when I spoke to Mary (who is part of the Atma core team) for the first time, that she would go on to become such an integral part of my life. Through her I was introduced to the other team members over the past few months and Sheila, Lisa, Bronwyn amongst others are people who have in a way strengthened my belief that there is a need to spread and support quality education in Mumbai and that there is a way that we can actually reach out to 1000’s at a time!

Atma is reaching out and touching lives !

We are all always looking for a cause to support and we all want to make a difference but lead busy lives and have little time to actually reach out! ….Worry not! There are ways that we can magnify our efforts and Atma is a perfect platform to do just that!

I write this post as a reflection on my journey to getting associated with and becoming a part of the Atma family. Through future posts I will not only highlight my interactions with the team and throw light on the wonderful work they do, but will also try and guide those interested in making a difference as to how they can support Atma and the various organizations through them….

Those who can’t wait to start their association and are keen on getting to know more about Atma can reach Lisa or Donate Online. You may also visit the Atma Blog.

We are also working on a monthly giving plan for those of you who want to help in a smaller way and stay tuned for more on that!

I read somewhere that ‘The purpose of life is a life of purpose’ and to me Atma has been instrumental in giving me a cause and direction to work towards this!

Stay tuned for pictures, updates and of course details on ways to be a part of the Atma family and the SCB Marathon 2012 with team Atma!  

P.s. Photo courtesy Kainaz Amaria


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