Growing up a Taseer or a Bin Laden…?

In a world of many contrasts I woke up this morning to a crisp edition of the TOI Crest and that’s what has inspired this post….

As I sat sipping my cuppa I came across two articles….both by children of martyrs in their own right….one for a cause more liberal and humane and one for a fanatical cause that has been misused and misunderstood by many the world over….

Both Salman Taseer and Osama Bin Laden were subscribers of the religion of Islam , yet both had signed up for different wings and paths to reach their final destinations in life. One more liberal and humane and the other we all know of….their end….the same…the means to the end the same….bullets….yet their legacies and the mark they left on their own flesh and blood bring out the stark differences in their approach to life….

A proud daughter has now taken up the crusade against blasphemy and picked up pieces from her fathers dreams and then there is a ‘prodigal son’ who will hopefully never return to the ways he grew up around and chose to leave ….

Sherbano is standing up against what she believes an unjustified death yet a cause worth dying for ,Omar on the other hand,writes about his and his mother Najwa’s journey from being in awe of Bin Laden to discovering the truth behind their father and husband….

A proud daughter talks passionately about her father and the politician Salman whilst Omar’s book throws light about their dysfunctional family and the plotting and planning against America and Israel that went  Osama’s camp.

I am definitely getting a copy of Growing up a Laden ( available on Flipkart and Amazon ) and will also be following the transformation of  22-year-old Sherbano from a student and an infamous “party girl’ as she is known in her conservative country to that of a proud daughter who will hopefully bring peace and justice to her father by pursuing his cause !

This post is not to show one as right and the other as wrong ( nor does it in any way aim at disrespecting any religious views) , I’m sure Salman Taseer during his career would have committed his own share of sins, yet it is interesting to see how these kids view their fathers so differently and I guess in the end that’s what counts ….. 🙂


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