My Bitch List

This post comes inspired by Khushboo’s post – “ No more playing nice ” I was replying to her post and thought I should make a list of things that Bitch me off . So here goes : -( no this is not me being cranky/PMS ing)

1. Cabbies that don’t wanna take you where you want to go especially when your running late / it’s raining. Did you know we can/should report these guys ! So here’s a little trick – I take my phone out n take a picture of their number plate ( i know it sounds silly) but it does the trick they freak out and say ‘acha chalo..’ try it …

2. People with no/low civic sense…ughhh when these same people travel to ‘Amreeka’ or ‘Raani maa’ land they will use a bin , not cross the roads till the lights turn red …then WHYYYY act like uncivilized clowns in Mumbai ! Oh , and those Cabbies who come to our city and spit and splash ‘pan’ on the roads…eww…..

3. People with fake accents….umm..a year of living ANYWHERE will not TRANSFORM the way you talk…puhleez….I mean i’m sure we have all picked SLIGHT accent on a couple of words during our stints abroad but it’s SLIGHT….boys if your reading this its a big turn off when you say oh y’know I was in ‘Americah’ for like a year and say it with such a thick (weird) accent that I would say you belong to a zoo…

4. People (especially men) who are entering a restaurant /hotel/store ahead of you and don’t hold it open for you or for an old lady/gentleman ahead of you…manners please people !

5.Basic etiquette (read table manners !) : people seem to forget that there maybe others eating around them and picking on their teeth, chewing like a cow,burping and playing with their food kills it !…well it kills my appetite and i’m sure it works that way for others too..

I think they should include this as part of elementary school curriculum and until then these people should eat at home !

6. People who suffer from Body Odor…ughhh … a Louis Vuitton bag on your arm but no deo/ anti perspirant /perfume on your armpit is so not cool man !

7. Loud people…and I am very sorry to say this but Indians take the cake in this department….you can spot an Indian from afar anywhere you go…at the airport, at a restaurant at a hospital ! Indians can be heard from miles !

8. Boys who think cool girls are easy…excuse me ! Just ‘coz women today drink beer, dress cool , go dancing ‘on a girls night out ‘,hang out with guys and are friendly does NOT mean you have a chance/ or they’re easy/interested  !

Please check yourself out before you even try and no trying doesn’t mean grabbing/clinging on the dance floor ! ughh

9. People at the gym who sweat it off but leave equipment unclean , sweaty, icky…ewww you get the drift !

10. Last but not the least – people who answer phone calls during a movie and go on to have a long conversation about unimportant , random things that can definitely wait post the movie…and hey if its that URGENT please step OUT and take the call….and no whispering LOUDLY enough for the next row to be disturbed is NOT a solution !

To read more things that are not Nice visit Khushboo’s Blog for her inputs !


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