Two-one-two ing it !

The last time I went to Two-One-Two (Mumbai) was December 2010 and since then I haven’t really had the chance to go there for a proper meal (just ended up chilling by the bar). So when my friend suggested we catch up for dinner and Two-One-Two was one of the options ( Tote being the other one, but Tote is currently closed for renovation) I lapped up the idea instantly.

Saturday night it’s really tough to get a table of choice (especially when you call places to book at like 7 pm for 9:30 pm res  😛 ) so the fact that we ended up getting the table by the bar, with high bar stools was no surprise.

As I was running late (blame it on Mumbai rains/traffic please!) I suggested that my friend orders the ‘khana’ (also because I take forever to order and then end up wishing we had tried something else…) and surprises me with something interesting.

So I get to Two-One-Two (miraculously escaped getting drenched in the rain) and find that the food is still WIP (not so cool) and that we had to wait another 15 minutes for the Appis.

I love Bellini and Two One Two (apart from Escobar) makes mean Bellinis in Mumbai , so the first thing I did was order myself a glass of bubbly (this and the great company made the wait for food worth it !)

After about 15-20 minutes of waiting eagerly for the food to arrive we were served the Tuna Carpaccio

Though traditionally Carpaccio is made from slices of raw beef tenderloin (as invented at the world famous Harry’s Bar that I am DYING to goto ) , Two One Two’s Alex Bignotti and team have managed to bring to us a beautifully plated version of the dish in Tuna . It comes as a two-part plate with veils of hot pink with bright green lettuce (Serena Food I say 😉 ) perched on top and the tuna carpaccio on the other. The crisp phyllo pastery smeared with avocado paste (yes GOOD  Avocado ) that tops the four cubes of Tuna along with freshly made olive salsa made the dish worth every minute of waiting. With every bite the flavours burst together creating a dramatic, almost tangible and definitely unforgettable experience!

With expectations set high I eagerly awaited the next appetiser. A lover of cheese it’s I enjoyed the Baked Camembert last night I may have to rethink my weight loss strategy now… :-/ ! Served with slices of bread, salad and accompaniments the cheese was done just right , the baked crust when cut revealed cheese lava that  I am sure added a couple of hundred calories with every bite !

For people who confuse cheese (as I often tend to with a few of them,here’s an interesting link to check out for future reference – Brie vs Camembart)

The entree took way too long and I had run out of patience ( plus 2 appis between the 2 of us was enough!) so we cancelled that and headed out to the next leg of our evening out !

P.s. Also recommend the Pizza that I have tried earlier at 212 , one of the best in the city but please build an appetite before you head there for that one as portions are fairly royal….

All in all the meal was great and just the thought of the yummylicious Tuna makes my mouth water as I write this post…

The Verdict :

Portions – great for 2 to share.

Bar : Alcohol is served , fantastic Bellinis

Service : 2.5/5 ( but maybe better on weeknights)

Pricing : Meal for 2 with drinks should come up to Rs.4 000 ( approx)

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

For reservations: (and I recommend you make them if you don’t wana be disappointed….) call: – 9920838529

Address: 12-A Hornby Vellard Estate, opposite Nehru Centre, next to the BMW showroom, Worli (2490-1994).


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