Off to the land of The Blue Elephant !

Let me begin by stating couple of things about me :-

1. I lo(i)ve to travel.

2. I don’t think I travel enough….( but then who does ! )

3. I am a very planned/well researched traveller ( the kind that has all the cool places looked up, has asked around , tried to reach out to local friends, has packed the right stuff to take along….etc)

4. I am ready to try unique food while travelling and try to get at least one authentic/local/traditional meal to get a sense of their cuisine…

5. I have a theme for a holiday and I try to stick to it throughout…( Beaches and water sports/shopping/temples etc)

6. I also try to discover something on my own regarding the destination,rather than just following the views/opinions of people who have recommended/not recommended things…

7. I take my camera EVERYWHERE when I travel and a large part of my travel is usually behind the lens…

So here goes….

I started 2011 with a trip to Sri Lanka and while I have been wanting to blog about it ( and the other ‘new’ places I have covered this year) for a while ,I have somehow not had the time to (been too lazy) …and like I told a friend this weekend ‘its best when pressed fresh’ I am going to try to be a little more disciplined about my attempt at ‘travelogging’ 😉

I am really excited cause I am off on a short break (let me rephrase – a paid for break) to Thailand. Paid for by work 🙂

Thai Beaches !

I have travelled to Thailand earlier with a bunch of friends from School in 2007 but during this trip we were students (on a backpacking budget) and covered only Phuket ( for 5 days… 🙂 )

I am off tomorrow to explore 2 new cities on a 5 day break and I can’t wait to get to the airport !!!

P.s. If you have any travel suggestions for Bangkok/Pattaya please share !!


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