Not so smooth !

Finally it’s here the day to get away from Mumbai madness! Off to Thailand I am 🙂 sooper excited and looking forward to my much awaited get away to Thailand …more updates once I land!

Ok we are here at the Swarnabhoomi airport….

We boarded Thai Airways TG 318 on yesterday (Wednesday). Well let me start by saying we (the group of 25) had been pre allotted seats (by our travel agent) right at the back…yes way back in the tail section right next to the loo (yes every time somebody used it we could hear the flush work). Yuck! I am sooo sleepy right now…I couldn’t sleep at all , no thanks to Saurabh who kept saying Tiara talk to me the entire flight( and apparently coz I asked him to sit next to me I owed him on flight entertainment since the movie they  😛

Who says Thai air is smooth as silk!  The flight was terrible. I am not a fussy traveller…I have flown Tiger Airways from SG to Phuket and not complained a bit but this flight was a league apart…so doesn’t think I’m just cribbing…

The weather was very turbulent and there was a point when our flight dropped 100-150 ft. in one single moment and the meal/drink services had to be stalled… In that one moment I felt that this is the end and I thought of all the people I should’ve met before I left or all the people I wanted to bid adieu too ( yes DQ that I am ) .The seat belt signs stayed on most of the journey and the food….well the food was a different story altogether !

I usually don’t eat during the flight but most people do…and this time the entire group was cribbing about the food…it was stale and undercooked and stinky …you get the picture…

Thai Airways Food

We finally landed and at 4: 30 am I was too sleepy to care whether I was smiling at the camera at the immigration desk or not…. The immigration officer (who probably sleeps through the day) was all smiley and chirpy and in the mood to fool around so he was like “Madam why don u smile ah for my camera!” ughh….neways I managed to pull off a fake sleepy smile and proceeded post immigration to meet the rest of the team from Delhi!

Yay it has finally begun!!


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