Losing you…

Nani, I know you are in a better place…and are at peace yet it is so hard to let go… 😦 I love you and always will…

We love you Nani !

As I sit and lookback at the times we spent together

Memories flow of moments so perfect they couldn’t have been better

From baking summer cakes to the stories you told

Everybody who knew you,knew you had a heart of gold

Time flies so fast from sunny days to skies overcast

If only we could turn back time we would

If only the moments had paused and stood !

Missed you will greatly be

And your message of love we will spread

We promise thee !

Ever giving and honest and warm

If kindness were personified it would be in your form

Our Angel our Nani we love you so much

None of us will ever forget your embrace your warm touch

We hope you are in a better place

Coz God knows you deserve it much !

In our hearts you will always live on

It hurts so much to know you are now gone

Yet we know you are free from the suffering

And that will keep us moving on !

Miss you much Nani !


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