Life is a puzzle…

Today over BBM I was chatting with a friend and we were discussing the mystery called Life….and then it struck me that Life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle…

Every moment, experience and person we meet is a piece… that fits in to complete our picture puzzle (Life).

We meet some wrong pieces….people who we meet and move on and we meet some right pieces that become a part of our lives….we may meet some right pieces that we try to fit in wrong places (we date wrong people, marry wrong people, befriend wrong people or we make friends with somebody would be an ideal partner or marry somebody who should be just a friend but we are so blind to that potential in a person……)

We see things only when we need to…only when our picture is as complete as it should be for that one person/experience to fit in and make sense in our lives…

While we all strive to complete our picture I think the key to enjoying the activity is keeping in mind the following rules (rules that I try to follow):-

1. Nothing will happen before time or after time…meeting people or experiencing something is never a coincidence…it is all part of The Plan…It is so , so that we can appreciate what we get when we do…at times we feel we are taken for granted or that Life isn’t fair…but that’s the game…it happens to be that way so when we do get things we deserve we can appreciate them !

Remember no matter how hard life may seem , it can at worst only be a big pile of pieces…it can’t be Broken but only can be pieced back together….

2. We meet so many people, we should try to see which ones are pieces to hold on to and which ones are not part of the picture at all…and it is in moving on, can we ensure we are working towards completing our puzzle….

My friend said he thought he had completed his picture….and then it was shattered…my take – Then it wasn’t the right picture , right piece , right time or even the right person…Why fret ? Why hold on? That would only hinder our journey towards completing our picture.

In holding on to things that did not happen/work out we sometimes shut other doors that could lead us to the right places and pieces…

3. Every experience helps us build our picture – everything we see, do and experience…every person we meet will help us in completing the picture. Yes, even those wrong pieces will help bring clarity in our mind, they will help us look through the wrong pieces and help us find the right ones…..


I think if we can follow the above 3 rules we will work towards building ourselves and our Picture Perfect Lives….. !

I came across this Poem online….it beautifully sums up the Game of Life….

Life is a jigsaw puzzle
It’s not always fun and games
Life is what you make of it
And nothing ever remains the same

Life can test your courage
It can test your inner strength to endure
It can test your mental psyche
Life is a challenge for sure

Life is an exciting adventure
It can be a bumpy and rocky ride
But life is what you make of it
You don’t need a “how to” guide

Life has many dimensions
Too enormous to even count
But life should always have a purpose
Void of any amount

Life can be enlightening
Indeed it can be challenging, too
It can be a roaring opportunity
But that depends on you

But never throw in the towel
Because things don’t go your way
Just ride the tides of patience
And keep focused on your dreams each and every day

Copyright ©1998 Juanita Bratcher


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