I don’t do Mornings…

Yawwnnn…that’s exactly what I am doing right now….

I am not a morning person…I will admit it and I don’t feel bad about it…When I was a student I was one whose time table would start at 6 pm and end at maybe 5 am but I could NEVER wake up early like few of my friends and study….I could stay up all night and thrive on 2-3 hours of sleep , but no matter how early I sleep I am always groggy and cranky when I wake up.

I don’t do mornings, yet there are days when I rise at 6 – 6 30 am and hit the gym. They say it’s healthier to run on an empty stomach or in the morning when the air is fresh , or so I remind myself on such early mornings but those are few and rare. Today was one such day … I rose and hit the gym this morning to cover 8 miles on the treadmill.

The reason for this change in workout plan – I will be out the entire day and also this evening and hence it was a question of skipping out on my daily dose of working out or to sacrifice a few hours of sleep so I won’t feel guilty as a devour the yummy food at Tasting Rooms tonite.

The result – 1200 calories lighter but a groggy sleepy me….

The conclusion – I don’t/can’t/should not do morning work outs. No power breakfast/brunch will make me feel better nor will the 3-4 espresso shots consumed through the day….

Unfortunately I have an event to attend tomorrow evening and will have yet another Morning workout session in lieu of the usual evening stress busting ass kicking workout I so look forward to in the evenings….

What do you prefer ? A morning workout or an evening one ? Or like my friend who works out mid day ! Yeah cool no ! His office peeps are cool about that ! Imagine hitting the gym during work hours…<3

sigh !


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