50 things about me !

  • I am an animal person and love Dogs the most. As a kid I used to spend a fair amount of pocket money on buying food for stray dogs near my house.I had a Rough Collie as a kid and now I share Annie ❤ with Va.
  • Give me a word and I will create a rhyme around it.Sometimes the things I tend to type/say end up rhyming.
  • My favorite books are Tuesdays with Morrie & The Little Prince .I need to read before I sleep, no matter how late it is
  • I also read a lot on Spirituality,Religion ,Tarot,Numerlogy and stuff like that and have an entire bookshelf dedicated to those.
  • I have never seen Snow.I am not a fan of cold weather and never really sweat ( yes even after an hour of spinning).
  • I actually started driving regularly only at 23….
  • I have one brother who is 7 years younger than me.
  • I started swimming when I was 3 and represented the district and state at one point.
  • I am not a morning person at all and can stay up all night if need be.
  • I have a bag fetish.
  • I have OCD when it comes to cleanliness ( especially my cupboard!)
  • I love taking pictures, am the designated photographer amongst my friends and am planning to buy an SLR asap.
  • I tend to get very passionate about the things I’m interested in.
  • I am not scared of snakes, rats, lizards etc. I am scared of Cows.
  • I always thought I would end being a lawyer…..that is what I really wanted…but ended up in Finance.
  • I would love to live in a house overlooking a water body with a green lawn.
  • I love the sun
  • My dream job would be a Travel Show host with BBC /TLC
  • Running/Spinning/Swimming helps me de-stress.
  • I love watching movies. In any language (with subtitles) and love Chic flick and Sci-Fi movies most.
  • I hate hospitals and the sight of blood makes me squirm.
  • As a kid I loved watching Charmed, Wonder Years and I dream of Jeanie.
  • I could live on Pizza!
  • I love to try new cuisines. I have only been vegetarian twice in my life for more than a year the first and 3 months the second time. (My love for animals has nothing to do with my eating preferences).
  • I drink way too much coffee and diet coke.
  • I live to travel but don’t get to travel too much due to family/work constraints.
  • I love horses and elephants too!
  • I love animated movies and yes Chucky Cheese 😛
  • I am a list maker. I can’t pack without a list, I am very planned out as a person.
  • I love collecting fancy stationery – post its, markers etc
  • I tend to be clumsy; I can fall over nothing quite easily or drop things.
  • I work closely with ATMA, Sunbeam and Habitat for Humanity and Goonj.
  • I’m drawn to people who are very passionate about the things they care about.
  • I am into really smart men….
  •  I like spending time by myself.
  • I love to lie in bed and listen to the rain (or storms).  Sitting by the window to watch is good, too.
  • I love to drive around alone at times.
  • I am a romantic at heart and would love a very romantic fairy-tale proposal….
  • I have been fortunate to be able to live in 3 countries long enough to learn about their culture and people – UAE, India and Singapore. Though I would love to include many more names. I am a city girl…
  • I am not really fit to go backpacking. I am more a luxury traveler.
  • I love adventure sports. I can’t wait to be PADI certified and also bungee.
  • I would like to be fluent in 6 languages.
  • I am into art. I paint, I read about, I see, I appreciate and hope to collect someday.
  • I believe that every experience, person and thing we encounter builds us.
  • I am a pathetic optimist who always believes that things happen for a reason.
  • I believe in the law of Karma.
  • Someday I wish to work for the UN.
  • I can’t stand body odour or men with unkempt nails.
  • I don’t litter and am notorious for making a scene if I see anybody else do that.
  •  I am a gadget freak !

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