Hug in a Mug … Baileys I <3 You !

Coffee + Baileys ? it’s a dream come ain’t it ?

So I know this is not like a very healthy coffee to be honest ( even though you will see how I try to cut down on the calories in my recipe)

A regular cup of coffee (only coffee) has about only 2 calories ( as per Mayo Clinic).However, a 1.25-oz. shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream has 130 calories.You’ll often find Baileys and coffee made with a dollop of whipped cream. Just 1 tbsp. whipped cream adds 52 calories to your drink, according to the Mayo Clinic. That brings the total to 184.

But my version aint that bad…really ! I don’t know the exact calorie count but I am sure it’s a LOT lesser than the orignial.

Orignial Recipe for Irish Coffee: –

How To Make An Irish Coffee Recipe (Coffee & Hot Drinks).

My HEALTHY recipe for Baileys Irish Coffee :

Low fat milk – 1/2  a cup

Half a cup of of water

1 shot of Baileys

Sugarfree 2 tabs

Coffee – I spoon

Low fat whipped cream ( avoidable)

Method – Heat the water + milk and bring it to boil. In a cup pour the shot of Baileys + 1 spoon coffee powder ( I use Clipper) + 2 tabs of sugar free. To this pour the boiling milk+water and stir. Can top off with a dollop of whipped cream ( if need be).

Tada ! ( May not taste as rich as the orignal but really given that it’s hardly any calories/not more than 3 gms of fat I don’t care !) perfect for a rainy sunday !!

p.s. please share suggestions /feedback…

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