Power Puff Puppy

Annie I ❤ you! You are one of the bravest doggies I have known and needless to say I am proud of you.

For those of you who are wondering why I am suddenly blogging about how brave Anastasia is …let me tell you what happened yesterday and you will only agree that Anna is a really brave pooch!

Yesterday morning Virginia took Anna to play in the garden of her apartment building. Now this garden is on the first floor and is indoors so it’s quite safe (especially when you got a puppy in heat + the rains).

Anyways Va thought Annie would like to run around a bit and hence did not put a leash on…poor Annie got confused with the garden on the ground floor and thought she could take a leap down and there! BAM ! She had a fall. In the process she cut herself really bad around her neck and her abdomen area (there was a tree, which hit her but then it may have also broken the fall…).

Squealing she picked herself up and limped to the entrance lobby, where Va had run to greet her and she rushed her to the Vet. The Vet sedated her and sent VA and me out as we were sulking and distracting the puppy while she got stitched up.

Va and I realised 2 things yesterday:

1. Now we know why our moms are so protective of us…and how they feel/felt when we hurt!

2. Annie is one of the bravest pups! We are proud of her!

All stitched up and trying to stand (while the anaesthesia shot wore off) she made quite a cute sight…. 🙂

In the evening she was back to her normal self and went around showing her boo-boos to everybody…literally… No kidding she would try and point at the scars and look up with sad puppy eyes and say hey spoil me  😛

I guess Anastasia got Anaesthesia after all but I hope it was her last fall ( even though we keep reminding ourselves that it is only in falling and hurting that we grow : ) )


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